stock footage

All galleries include footage cut into clips that are easily insertable into your film or project. 2.7K is higher than 1080p (Full HD) and later footage are almost always in 4K (Ultra HD). Below are the sample galleries for you to view the footage. You can also download low res versions for placement. Full versions are available for purchase. Contact ST1 for pricing.

NYC Part 1.jpg

NYC Aerial video HD/2.7K (2014)

Includes all the footage from the most popular aerial video of NYC on the internet. Includes Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island.

Features iconic bridges, signs, landmarks, rivers, sunsets, as well as hyperlocal scenes and untapped locations


Includes Mahone Bay, Meat Cove, Peggy's Cove, Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Halifax, Lunenburg, Advocate Harbor Mahone Bay.

Features beaches, reflective lakes, coastal scenery, boats, ferries, churches.

Jiu zhai gou, sichuan, china 4K (2015)

Footage of the mystical National Park in Sichuan Province located near Tibet in central China. The location where Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed. 

Features clear blue lakes on top of waterfalls, Tibetan villages, tall mountains, trees, rivers, canyons, ancient towns.

South Afr Crop,jpg


Selected Raw Footage - Only the clips containing the best footage was selected. 

Includes Johannesburg, Southern Cape, Western Cape, Cape of Good Hope.

Features beaches, a waterfall, coastal roads, sunsets.

Iceland Thumb.jpg

Iceland 4K (2016)

This gallery features the Gulfoss waterfalls, a couple of other waterfalls, scenes from Highway 1, an almost 360 degree orbit of the magnificent Hallgr√≠mskirkja Church and other natural landmarks.

Features various waterfalls, snow covered terrain, highways, winter scenery, iconic church.

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