Drone services

Inspire 2 Pro dual operator setup

Inspire 2 Pro dual operator setup

We generally use the DJI Phantom/Inspire series because of their practicality and efficiency. Due to the sensitive nature of drones in NYC, any drone shoot in NYC will need a 90-day advance notice in order for to obtain an FAA waiver to fly. Typical waivers include flying over people and flying within a 5-mile radius of a major airport and there is no guarantee of approval by the FAA.

Please visit for an updated air map.


DJI Phantom series: starting at $200/hour
Day Rate: starting at $1500
Flight time: 23-27 minutes *

DJI Inspire series - starting at $350/hour
Day Rate - starting at $2500
Flight time 15-27 minutes *

*real world flight times, including takeoff and landing.

Great for: real estate developers, architectural designers, directors, producers, cinematographers, corporate projects, commercials, music videos


We also shoot stabilized video from the ground using DJI's the 4K DJI Osmo/X3/X5 system with different lenses. It's a great way to supplement aerial footage, and perfect for smooth indoor shots where lighting isn't optimal.


Perfect for directors/real estate developers, music videos, etc.

Helicopter services

We currently use use two helicopter companies: Vertivue & Awesome Flight.

Vertivue's proprietary Skybox/Skybox 360 which features a gyro-stabilized fixed box that protects the gimbal from wind. The Skybox 360 allows 360 degree panning since the entire bottom window section pans with the DJI gimbal. The pilot and the client both have their own monitor to view live footage. The camera is a 4K DJI X5R Micro 4/3's camera with interchangeable lenses. This system allows footage that is comparable to high-end systems at a fraction of the cost.

A closeup of the Skybox

A closeup of the Skybox

Nighttime footage using the Skybox

For clients who only need still photography or who do not demand the most stable video, we recommend Awesome Flight for their budget friendly cost. For video with Awesome Flight, we use the 4K Osmo X5 Camera - the same camera used with stabilized ground video. The camera may be subject shake due to wind and vibrations.


Vertivue (Recommended for video)

Cost: $3250 for the first hour, $1800 for each additional hour
Flight time: up to 3-4 hours **
Airport: Teterboro, NJ - 10 min from NYC (20min R/T)

Awesome Flight (Recommended for still photography)

Cost: $1350 per hour
Flight time: 1.5-2 hours **
Airport: Westchester - 20 min from NYC (40 min R/T) 

** Please note the round trip travel time that is subtracted from the flight time. Therefore, a 2 hour flight with Vertivue will result in a 1 hour 40 min shoot.

match Moving

Want to insert a model of your building into a video of the area? We specialize in rendering accurate 3D models with textures onto live-action video. Once given the assets, our 3D renderers will make sure that your buildings model reflects the scale, perspective, and shadows in regards to the position of the camera. It will seem as if the building was already built - perfect for investors and clients to view.

Great for: real estate developers, architectural designers. See a short sample of 468 Columbus Ave transition from current building to proposed building:


Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.15.18 PM.png

With our expertise of the five boroughs of NYC as well as in-depth knowledge of drones, cameras and technology, we have an edge when it comes to consulting and scouting. Services start at $100 per hour.

Great for: Directors, producers, cinematographers, drone operators



We currently use a 4K 360 degree camera which allows a viewer to view the video in 360 degrees (vertical and horizontal) with no dead zones. Starting at $300 per hour. 

Great for: real estate developers, real estate agents, interior decorators

360-Degree websites

360 Website.png

We also create 360 websites that allow a viewer to navigate to various locations of properties in high resolution 360-degree (vertical and horizontal) still images. We can also use your assets to render your model of a proposed building onto the 360 degree image so viewers can see what the finished property will look like in 360. Feel free to add a map, floorplan, and any other relevant info. Starting at $3000 for one property and includes photography of  two 360-locations and domain registration fees

Great for: real estate developers, real estate agents, interior decorators

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